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Patience: Maybe she’s born with it… or not!

 I guess you could say that I have a patient heart, but an impatient head. In other words, when someone is talking my ear off about things that have absolutely nothing to do with me, in my head I’m begging them to finish their story and praying that they don’t start another one; but instead, I just smile and try my hardest to listen and to display pleasant facial expression. In this case, my heart won out… I didn’t make a scene. Since I have those annoyed feelings, I think that it is a huge injustice to people who actually are patient to label myself as a patient person. I mean I want to give myself some credit here, I don’t strangle people who waste time with nonsense either. So that’s where I’m at- floating somewhere between Mother Theresa and a moderate politician in our current governmental gridlock . Stupid analogy? Probably, but you catch my drift!  🙂 

Yesterday was a very exciting day! I think we might have found out why Zach was having such a hard time saying “walk” and not acting as excited as he has in the past (so I was told.) The young lady who usually leads Molly (the horse) wasn’t able to make lessons last night, so we had to use a different leader. Our new leader walked at a much slower pace which, in turn, made Molly walk slower as well. When Molly speeds up her gait, her body feels much different to the rider- it’d almost an overwhelming experience to feel her back muscles ripple over and over and over with each step. I think that Zach was getting too overwhelmed by the sensations he felt when Molly walked fast. Last night,with the slower walk, Zach was saying “walk” loud and clear on the first try almost every time! I was thrilled to have seen that progress. I was also amazed at difference that changing the horses gait made in his demeanor.  This experience helped me realize how much patience it takes to work with people who have special needs. On the outside, it may seem silly to get excited over someone saying “walk” but I know how much effort it took over the past 4 Mondays to get to this point. I am also learning that progress is, more often than not, is going to come in baby steps in this line of work. 

Last night, I also got a quick lesson in being patient with myself. In the last lesson of the evening, we were short one leader… who has 2 hands and volunteered herself? THIS GIRL! I was way more nervous to lead AJ (the Horse) than I am when I have to help out his rider. It is much more difficult than it looks. The rider kept making him stop when it wasn’t time to stop yet, so that always makes leading horses more interesting! I’m really glad that I had the opportunity to experience that part of the lesson, but I think I’ll be okay if I stick with being a side walker for now! Working with animals ,who can sense frustration and fear, really helps keep those feelings in check. If I’m feeling insecure the horse will feel the same way, which could lead to trouble! getting frustrated with myself during the lesson because I knew that I had no idea what I was doing… but I was trying! I need to work on cutting myself some slack; it was, after all, my first time doing that particular job! 

Nobody ever said that patience wasn’t a learned virtue! 😉